Frequently Asked Questions

How many cameras are required per stand?

Algopron can work with one or multiple cameras, which can capture all the events taking place at apron. Therefore, depending on the requirements of our customers two or three cameras can be installed on every stand in order to detect specific events.

What is the best position of the camera?

There is no specific requirement for the position of the camera. Algopron is capable of detecting events from any angle. Therefore, it is enough for the camera to record the events needed for the customer. However, the ideal position of the camera is to be in front of the aircraft in a higher position. In such case, only one camera is enough per stand, since it will be able to capture all the events on port and starboard sides of the aircraft.

Can Algopron be used with already installed cameras at airport?

Absolutely! You don't have to use specific cameras in order to use Algopron. Algopron works with all major types of cameras including PTZ cameras that are already installed at airports.

Do you tune/configure Algopron for each and every stand?

In most of the time this is not required. In cases when stands/operations are similar it is enough for Algopron to be configured once for all the stands.

What is the minimum resolution of the camera?

The minimum resolution of the camera that Algopron can work with is 720p. However, if the camera is positioned far away from the aircarft while it needs to detect small objects, then a higher resolution of the camera is required.

Can Algopron detect events of multiple stands with a single camera?

Yes, it can! It is possible to observe multiple stands with only one camera that covers multiple stands even with parallel turnaround operations. However, in this case a camera must be fixed and not moved from the beginning till the end of turnaround operations.

Does Algopron work at night and rainy/snowy/foggy weathers?

Absolutely! Algopron is capable of detecting events at night and all weather conditions as far as events are visible with a human eye.

Is Algopron GDPR-Compliant?

Yes, Algopron is fully GDPR-Compliant and it can be used by EU based airlines and airports located in EU.

Can Algopron be installed on-premise?

Yes, Algopron can run in the cloud or be installed on-premise.

Can Algopron be integrated into the Video Management System used at airport?

Absolutely! Although Algopron has its own built-in VMS, it can easily be integrated with other Video Management Systems that are already used at airports.

Can Algopron be customized further if needed?

Yes, sure. We can customize Algopron to meet your specific requirements and include customized features into the final release that is specific to you.