The Digital Apron

How It Works

Algopron optimizes apron operations by analyzing and collecting data from video streams in real-time.


Receiving Video Streams

Algopron receives live video streams from the cameras installed at apron, aircraft stands or aerobridges.


Processing Video Streams

Algopron processes live video streams and detects all related operations in real-time.


Real-Time Reports & Alerts

Algopron generates a detailed report for each of the operations with their timestamps taking place during turnaround and produces real-time alerts in cases of delays or violations of safety regulations.


Cloud & On-Premise Architecture

Algopron can be used in the cloud or installed on-premise.


Optimizing apron operations with safer, faster and more predictable aircraft turns.

Real-time control and monitoring

Accurate and verified service-level billing

Prevent incidents and accidents on the apron

Lower safety related costs

Eliminates operational costs associated with delays

Better utilization of aircraft and Ground Support Equipment

More on-time boardings and happy passengers

Accurate prediction of departure time

Provides a detailed turnaround performance analysis

Better planning and decision making

Helps keeping fuel and power consumption at a minimum

With mobile operator panel turnaround operations are in the hands of operating staff


We designed the Digital Apron by utilizing Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Algopron is designed based on Artificial Intelligence technology that help us in automatic and accurate tracking of turnaround operations.

Machine Learning

Our advanced machine learning algorithms detect all important turnaround operations implemented by different stakeholders at apron and make accurate predictions.

Deep Learning

Algopron is powered by Deep Learning techniques, which make detection of turnaround operations reliable even in the most complex environments.

Real-time video processing

Algopron processes video streams in real-time with high accuracy. Moreover, our system can be customized based on customer's requirements for detecting and tracking different types of operations at apron.

Live Monitoring of Turnaround Process

Algopron allows monitoring turnaround operations in real-time. Moreover, the system notifies you of possible delays and reasons for them. This helps you to take actions without losing time.
Algopron predicts the departure time (PDT) based on turnaround operations. This also helps you indicate correct delay times.

Mobile Operator Panel

With mobile friendly interface turnaround operations are in the hands of operating staff. Real-time reports about turnaround operations from all stands can be managed and monitored by your operating staff using mobile devices.

Interactive Map

Algopron's interactive maps display all airplanes that present in the airport with their exact positions. Moreover, airplanes with on-time turnarounds are indicated with green icons, while the ones with delays are indicated with red icons.

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